Looking Glass

Little Crater Lake, July 2018

A double blue reflection. The cobalt of the lake with its graveyard of dead trees lying on the bottom. One recent death half-floats in purgatory. And the deep blue of the sky, foregrounded by a living green forest. Both blues framed by ancient volcanic formations. All is alive, even death.

Last Reaches

Tentacles like arms reach for a last touch of sky. Forest fires burn differently depending on the environment. Some fires lick the bark off of trees but leave them alive to grow new skin. Others, like this one, scorch, leaving a graveyard full of Goliath skeletons.

Three Fingered Jack, Pacific Crest Trail, July 2017. Forest fire occurred in 2003.

Liminal Lands

Fort To Sea Trail, Oregon, March 2018

Where the forest meets the ocean, a mix of environment occurs. I call this the liminal lands, an in between, where you can witness movement, a to and fro, an agreement between sea and land. This photo is a close-up of a small pond that is part fresh water, part salt water. Located a quarter mile from the Pacific Ocean, it is fed partially by the Skipanon River and tidal waters. What you see is kind of a triple exposure, but not made by Photoshop. It’s the reflection of the sky, a cloud and the surrounding trees upon the edge of the pond, while a few water ripples surface like slivers of silver and a couple of pine needles float like toy boats upon the pond’s surface. The glow you see is from the sun, piercing through those reflected trees, forming a patch of sun, illuminating the bottom of the shallow part of the pond, where sticks and mud take on a golden glow.